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Planning Ahead Is The Key To A Successful Event


It happened again just this morning…Someone called me, frantic, to see if I was available this weekend for an event. Surprisingly I get phone calls like this a couple of times a month. I feel sorry for event planners like this, the amount of stress must be huge. It would be so much easier if they just planned ahead.
It is never too early to start planning your event. The sooner you pick a date the easier it will be for your guests to plan on being there. Three to six months in advance is a good time frame. Hotels, banquet centers, professional meeting planners, caterers and yes entertainers, will still have many dates open making it easier for you to get the date you want. It always amazes me when someone will call me a few days before an event in desperation. I always try to accommodate, if I am available, but skip the hassle and plan ahead.
I have already started to get requests for holiday parties. I know it is over 100 degrees outside who is thinking about holiday parties! Well some people are, I have even booked a couple. Plan ahead and pick your date and then give me a call.

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