Annual Sales Meeting Entertainment Lots of Fun and Laughter

Annual Sales Meeting Entertainment Lots of Fun and Laughter
Annual Sales Meeting Entertainment Lots of Fun and Laughter

When I started looking for entertainment possibilities for our annual sales meeting several months ago, I came across a couple of entertainment companies with non-exceptional service – delayed or no return phone calls is extremely off putting, especially when I have many other things to worry about. Your response and follow up was right on target and as soon as I saw your video, I knew you were the one to close out our meeting with lots of fun and laughter.

The people attending our meeting comprises a broad range of age, background, and come from various places across the country. So, trying to put together entertainment that will get everyone involved and make sure everyone has a great time, can be difficult – but you pulled it off! I received several thumbs up signs during and after the show, along with several “nice jobs”. Although, the most telling reaction is always the smile and laughter coming from all corners of the room during the show or the abrupt sounds of laughter during the reception prior to the show.

I could not be more pleased with how the evening progressed. When putting these meetings together, I always strive to work with people who will put me at ease and not worry me about not showing, or showing up late or not being what was expected. I was completely at ease before getting to St, Louis after the many conversations we had prior to the meeting.

You did a great job dazzling our folks with your magic and kept us laughing far longer than your performance. Our people enjoyed being part of the show and your closing performance had everyone rolling on the floor wiping tears of laughter from their eyes…myself included.

It was a pleasure meeting you and doing business with you. I would recommend your services to anyone looking for a little fun and a touch of magic.

Erica Kelley-Gogel, CAS
Vice President of Sales
Bankers Advertising