Employee Appreciation Event Ideas: Tips to Make Winners Feel Like Stars

Employee Appreciation Event Ideas: Tips to Make Winners Feel Like Stars
Employee Appreciation Event Ideas: Tips to Make Winners Feel Like Stars

It is awards banquet time again; time to recognize those employees or volunteers who have done outstanding work on behalf of your company or group. In addition to the plaque or certificate what else are you going to do to make the award winners feel honored and most importantly special? Here are a few tips to make them feel like the stars of your awards banquet.

Treat your award winners like celebrities
At a recent awards banquet, I performed strolling magic in the VIP suite for the winners. Having a special area for your awardees and their families makes them feel special and honored. Have the room stocked with drinks and appetizers. Make them feel like celebrities; remember most people never make it to the VIP room.  

Big stars sit down front
Did you ever notice that the likely Oscars winners always sit down front with George Clooney? Reserve some tables down front for you award winners. It is a simple way to make them feel special.  It will also make for a smoother presentation because it will be easier for them to get to the stage for their award. Having stairs front and center, instead of the sides make stage accesses quick and easy.

Red Carpet Photos
Capture professional photos as award winner and special guests arrive. Those “hurry up” onstage snapshots rarely look good. You don’t want everyone to remember the evening with eyes half-closed and a head half-turned photo do you. Where appropriate, arrange for a professional photographer.

Cap the evening off with Great Entertainment
After dinner and the awards are finished treat everyone to some laughs. Not everyone will be a winner, but everyone should have a good time.  I recommend to my clients interactive, high energy comedy magic show.  If you have many awards 30 to 40 minutes will be perfect if you have only a few awards 45 minute to an hour will be the right amount of time.  The entertainment should be light and something that gets people having fun. An inexperienced entertainer or a long winded speaker will kill the night. People that are laughing are having a good time and will have wonderful memories of the evening. Make this year’s awards banquet amazing!