How To Hire An Entertainer For Your Holiday Party…Part 2

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How To Hire An Entertainer For Your Holiday Party...Part 2
How to Hire An Entertainer For Your Holiday Party Part 2

Here is part 2 of my recent interview with They were looking for some insights to help guide clients in booking entertainment for all kinds of events. I thought it would be useful as kind of a “How To Hire An Entertainer For Your Holiday Party”. This is Part 1, please enjoy and spread it around if you like.


GigMasters: Do you prefer to work adult or children’s events? Or both?

Steve: I almost exclusively perform for adults. There are a couple of children’s charities that I work for. The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and Shriner’s Hospital are two groups I can’t say no to.

GigMasters: What services/specialties do you offer?

Steve: I have a package called “The Evening of Comedy and Magic” That I consider my specialty. It starts off with strolling magic during the cocktail hour and finishes with an hour show after dinner. It is all self-contained and hassle free for the client and it really makes for a complete evening of entertainment.

GigMasters: What is the most interesting/unique event you have ever worked?

Steve: I sure have had some interesting things happen. I remember one time at a medical society awards banquet an older gentleman accepted his award and then fell off the stage. Thank goodness he was OK. He just bounced up like nothing happened it looked like he was made of rubber. Then there was the time a pipe broke in the ladies room. That was a mess! Ladies were screaming so loud that it was obvious something bad had happened. A few of them came back looking like they fell in the lake! But you learn to take it all in stride.

GigMasters: Anything else you’d like to share?

Steve: People always tend to shop performers by fee. The assumption is that all performers are the same and it all comes down to price. Rarely are the best, most experienced performers the cheapest. Realize that if you have 100 people at your event and you only want to pay a performer $300 that is only $3 dollars a head. What kind of entertainment can you get for $3 dollars out in the world? A trip to the movies is $7 to $10 bucks. Always hire the best talent you can afford. This year’s event is only going to happen once, don’t take any chances.